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Why do bunions happen?

It is not known exactly what causes bunions, but it is linked to your family history. Wearing badly fitting shoes is thought to make the condition worse.

It is also thought that bunions are more likely to occur in people who have unusually flexible joints, and that this flexibility may be inherited. This is why bunions sometimes occur in children.

In some cases, certain health conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis and gout, may also be responsible.

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How are bunions treated?

There are a range of treatments for bunions available.

Usually, non-surgical treatments will be tried first, including painkillers, orthotics (such as insoles), and bunion pads. However, these are only able to reduce the symptoms of bunions, such as pain. They do not improve the appearance of your foot.

Surgery may be considered if your symptoms are severe and do not respond to non-surgical treatment. The type of surgery used will depend on the level of deformity, how severe the symptoms are, your age, and any other associated medical conditions.

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