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Athlete's Foot

What causes athlete's foot?

Harmless bacteria and fungi live naturally on your skin, but if these organisms multiply, your skin can become infected.

A group of fungi called dermatophytes is responsible for athlete's foot. Dermatophytes live in and feed off dead skin tissue.

Your feet provide a warm, dark and humid environment - ideal conditions for the fungi to live and multiply.

Athlete's foot spreads very easily. It can be passed from person to person through contaminated towels, clothing and surfaces.

The fungi can survive and multiply in warm and humid places, such as swimming pools, showers and changing rooms.

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Treating athlete's foot

Most cases of athlete's foot are mild and can be treated at home using self-care techniques (see below) and antifungal medication.

With effective treatment, athlete's foot usually only lasts for a few days or weeks. Antifungal medication clears the fungi that cause the infection. It's available as:
  • creams
  • sprays
  • liquids
  • powders
  • tablets
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